Where Craft Cocktails Meet Hard Seltzer

Serving 6 and 12 can variety packs in select cities.

Why Brizzy

We believe life should be lived in good taste. Whether it’s brunch, a nightcap or that much needed happy hour, Brizzy is the perfect go-to for a nice kick back. Each flavor of Brizzy Seltzer Cocktail is formulated with the same attention to detail as a fine craft cocktail, delivering the balanced flavor profile of high mixology in the convenience of a can.


Watermelon Mule

Modeled after one of the world’s most popular cocktails, the Brizzy Watermelon Mule delivers a light, fruity watermelon taste with a delightfully pungent ginger kick! 

Strawberry Rosé

A hint of fresh summer strawberries backed with the classic, crisp finish of your favorite glass of Rosé; many will be calling this flashy flush can their new summertime staple.

Mixed Berry Mojito

Our most complex flavor profile; Mixed Berry Mojito is sure to get your taste buds tingling with a fruity, mint forward taste that can be enjoyed on any occasion.

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Word On The Street

Brizzy is a game-changer for the hard-seltzer market. The flavors are so sophisticated that it seems impossible this beverage would be able to be served in a can.

Rachel Holtin
Entrepreneur, @Austinfoodsta

Hard Seltzer as a category is very exciting. Taking traditional cocktails and adding a modern twist of balance and dynamic is what ultimately inspired the creation of Brizzy.

Terance Robson
Mixologist, Here Nor There

I love that it’s a clean option if you want something alocholic to drink with low carbs and low calories. Brizzy’s a very refreshing and exceptional adult beverage, especially on hot summer days.

Jenn Flores Bono
Entrepreneur, @txblondevoyage

How Brizzy packed this much flavor into one can will forever remain a mystery, Crisp, clean and vibrant! My favorite rosé to date.

Amanda Nelson
Tripod Traveler, @exploringamanda

Not only is Brizzy delicious, but it’s only 100 calories per can so you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging in a cocktail. The strawberry rosé is going to be stocked in my house because it’s just too good!

Monique Karabach
Private Chef, @atxeatsandtreats

I think Brizzy is the perfect combination of flavored sparkling water and cocktails. They have the perfect amount of crisp!

Amy Luck
Fashion Stylist, @somethingweseek

Brizzy has the right amount of succulent fizz when you open every can! This delectable seltzer cocktail is about to make a huge splash on taste buds around the world!

Cindy B. Garcia
Blogger, @cindyexploresaustin

The Watermelon Mule palate is full of flavor with the sharpness of ginger softened by juicy watermelon. This tastes like a refreshing summer cocktail.


Answering a question none of us thought to ask, this is what a berry mojito should taste like. It’s a great job Brizzy took it upon themselves to do so, too, because this combination is a winner. Starts off full-on berries, before a slap of fresh mint reminds you it’s 5 p.m. somewhere, and that means it’s mojito time.




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