While the hustle and bustle of gift-giving, cooking, in-laws, and seemingly never knowing what day of the week it is can take its toll during the holiday season, it’s important to at least keep your glass half full. This year, we wanted to bring the fizz to local partners across numerous industries, making sure the holiday season was spent in good taste and with good company.

And so it began; we embarked on a mission to drop off gifts that would rival Santa himself. Our goal was simple: make this holiday season Brizzy and Bright. Curious how we pulled all of this off? We recently partnered with Favor who answered the bell, coordinating drop-offs to friends of the brand across the entire city of Austin. As Christmas Eve drew near, Brizzy brought smiles from ear to ear. So while you’re getting ready to head back to work and hesitantly easing back into the normal routine, take a moment to reflect on the joys that the holiday season brings. We even compiled some of our favorite Christmas shots from the campaign for you to look back on. Head over to our ‘Brizzmas’ Instagram highlight to check out the festivities and let us know where we can find you in 2020. We look forward to being on your Christmas list this year!