December 4, 2019 Austin, TX  

Office parties are good for two things: candid office banter and complimentary indulgences such as finger foods and alcohol. For the latter, good taste is and should be priority number one. So when Austin Monthly reached out to us to bring the Fizzmas spirit to their office in downtown Austin, we knew we had to answer the bell. After all, they do have a reputation of having good taste… 

There were thirsts to quench, and sides to pinch – bringing the candid office banter into one designated standing area where conversations of Emoji Grilled Cheese, Brizzy Seltzer Cocktails, and all things Austin came and went. In the spirit of “Good Taste”, we were fortunate enough to bring our creation to the hearts, minds, and stockings of those of Austin Monthly. Now, we want to do the same for you and your office. Not only will we leave you the space needed to eat all of the sides, we’re here to make sure your beverage requirements are met with delicious cocktail inspired recipes.

To become an office hero, please fill out our order requet form, and watch your office standing increase immediately. Happy holidays from the Brizzy family!