It’s been quite the start to 2020 for the Brizzy family. We’ve increased our menu placements across Austin, collaborated with local staples such as Antonelli’s Cheese Shop, and have even gone head-to-head with one of the biggest alcohol companies in the world. While most companies prefer to take these steps in steady paces, we tend to move with a little more intent; when we have an idea we move on it. 

Having said that, what would progress be without adding an entirely new flavor to the Brizzy lineup? We’re proud and thrilled to introduce the Blood Orange Mimosa — the single-most brunch-ready beverage to hit shelves since OJ. Whether it’s in that upscale eatery you had to wait 45 minutes to get into or some home-cooked bacon and eggs on Sunday morning, Brizzy Blood Orange Mimosa simply gives. “We continue to push the seltzer category forward by innovating in original flavors, inspired by mixologists and craft,” said Brizzy co-founder Aimy Steadman. “Brizzy shines a light on tastemakers, from mixologists to chefs, artists, and your casual drinker alike.”

Blood Orange Mimosa expands on what we set out to do with Brizzy Seltzer Cocktails: innovate. “As we continue to push our industry forward by creating unique and delicious offerings for our customers, we recognize the larger players are looking to startups for innovation,” said Future Proof’s Vice President of Marketing, Hanna Swanson. “Our goal with Blood Orange Mimosa, and all our Brizzy flavors, is to provide an elevated and balanced cocktail experience that you just won’t find in the current slim-can seltzer offerings.”

To get your hands on Brizzy Blood Orange Mimosa, visit our store locator and head over to your nearest store and pick up our variety 12 pack. See you at the table.