Let’s be honest, it’s not often that you pass a sampling booth in your local grocery store that genuinely makes you want to stop and try, much less buy something new. However, in the spirit of good taste, we decided to switch it up and bring in our own mixologist to lay the culinary smackdown on the wonderful people of Austin a few weeks ago.

With garnishes galore, patrons were served up with the seltziest of cocktails derived from classically inspired recipes such as Watermelon Mule, Mixed Berry Mojito, and Strawberry Rosé. To celebrate our launch in H-E-B across Texas, we found it only fitting to take it to the aisle and make sampling history — or something close to it. We may be new to market, but living in good taste is where we come from. Hit our store locator to find Brizzy near you, and always remember to Follow The Fizz.